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The Ultimate Men’s Gift Hit List

socks1As an avid lover of all things cosy, it’s no surprise that my favourite item of clothing is the fluffy foot warmer. I am of course talking about SOCKS. I love them. I have so many pairs lovingly stuffed into my bottom drawer, so much so that I have had to recruit an extra space to store my collection of furry bed socks in. The only time I don’t wear socks is in the shower, and there’s no better feeling than wiggling freshly cleaned toes in a pocket of fuzzy fibres.

My boyfriend however, has so many odd socks lying around the apartment that they look like singletons at an awkward speed dating session. “Mix & Match” is what he claims he is achieving, but “Mass of mess” is more how I would describe it. I don’t know if it’s a guy thing, as often my lad mates complement each other on their mismatched sock wearing skills and I stand there in utter disbelief at the fact their right leg is sporting a pink cartoon adorned sock whilst the left leg is covered in googly eyed hamburgers, and they find this hilariously entertaining.

For his birthday, as boring as it sounds, I was determined to get my boyfriend to throw away all of his rotting pairs of socks – holes in the toe, bleach stains from being unable to use a washing machine and sticky things under the balls of the feet that I just didn’t want to know about – and replace them with some funky new kicks.

I found some great quirky pairs on The Selectiv, an Australian online outlet for urban menswear. The collection consisted of vibrantly striped and ‘freckled’ cotton liners available to buy in packs or individually, perfect to wear with low rise shoes such as brogues or loafers meaning you can pick a design you love rather than having to worry about it matching your outfit. The cotton liner socks make it so you can wear slip-on style shoes with the comfortability of wearing socks but without the bulkiness or appearance ruining the fit and look of the sophisticated shoe.

If you aren’t into footwear as much as I am there are some other great accessory options that ‘The Selectiv’ offer which will make great gifts for your male friends! Such as some gorgeous watches, belts and wallets which are all unique and highly fashionable. Good quality and high fashion menswear is sometimes difficult to come across in comparison to the heaps of ladies’ fashion wear that constantly circulates around the internet, magazines and social media. If you’re looking for a gift for your man entering into the new season, have a browse around ‘The Selectiv’ and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to give your man to style up his wardrobe and light up his imagination.