Table Tennis to end Boredom?

“I’m bored” has become pretty much staple in practically every household by now. And honestly, who can blame anyone for that? Really, there’s not much to do. Most people don’t have a full game room, library, or home theater. Seriously, who can afford that? Well, even if you can’t, I do have an affordable boredom breaker!
First of all, it’s probably important for me to tell you what I have in mind! My excellent idea is table tennis. Why? Well, on top of the fact that it can be enjoyed by any age because of its status as low impact, it also doesn’t take up too much space! I know, I know, how could you ever afford that? It’s possible! has everything you could need to set up table tennis, and more! That’s great!
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Alright, well, you understand now? I know you will only benefit from this knowledge. Good day, and great savings!