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Ulta: Get free shipping on any order with Estee Lauder foundation
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Forzieri: Free shipping in the UK
Yet another free shipping coupon that will leave you gasping. Forzieri works hard to offer you designer fashion. This coupon is all the more sweet with knowing that you can trust Forzieri and that you will receive high-quality products. The coupon is here
Butterlondon: 20 percent off any order
While this may not be for free shipping, this deal is unbelievable! 20 percent off makes a huge difference, especially if you have a makeup passion and are constantly buying new products and expanding your collection! You can enjoy this coupon using this link!

Happy Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

The taste if warm, fresh out of the oven, peanut butter cookies were a staple from my childhood. My mother always made the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had. For some reason, they always seemed to unite us, even if the energy was tense, my mum could bring out a tray and you could physically feel the energy in the room calm. Not only did the cookies have an effect on the crowd, but the scent still connects us all with memories.
Peanut butter cookies seem to have this effect on many families around the world. How do I know this? Well because peanut butter cookies have their own holiday! Did you know that while the modern peanut butter cookie was created in 1910, the recipe didn’t actually contain peanut butter until the 1920s? It’s1hard to imagine these deserts without their staple ingredient! While they may continue to evolve, it’s evident that peanut butter cookies will be in our recipe books for years to come.

Ditch the Low-quality Makeup

I, like many others, adore makeup, and, just like those many others, I detest the price of most good makeup products. I have caused myself a lot of pain because I refused to pay for the quality my skin deserved. For the longest time, I thought my skincare was the problem, that it was causing all my problems, however, that was hardly the case. In reality, the makeup was at fault, mainly due to the low-quality ingredients in the cheap products I was using.
However, under some miracle, I found the website, which introduced me to My curiosity got the better of me, and I checked out the website. The website seemed legit and high-quality, thus I ordered a few products. I will not lie and say my skin was instantly transformed, because that is not how actual good products show results, however, I will say that it applied way smoother and that over time, I saw results.
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Top 3 Hottest Stores on

Sears likes to support small businesses, however the website offers some great coupon codes for larger stores too, like Sears! Sears is a popular store, especially in America. If the Sears promo codes interest you, you can choose the most fitting for you from this page,
Old Navy
Old Navy falls on our list because of both its popularity and for its wide audience. Both young children and the elderly can find joy by their products. Only the imagination can limit the possibilities when it comes to fashion. All of the codes on for Old Navy offer exceptional deals, so please feel welcome to browse our promo codes here
Seeing as Microsoft is one of the biggest names of this generation, it is only fitting that it makes our list. Pretty much everyone who attends school uses a Microsoft product. If you need to purchase one, there is no harm in saving some money by using any of the coupon codes offered for Microsoft. You can find the page here,

Buried Alive Under the Prices

Let’s be real- the idea of being buried alive is petrifying, and there’s many legends and tales the show the horror of such a situation. While many take place before the 1950s, they still send shivers down our spines. No matter how long ago it was, and how technology has advanced, and regardless of the fact that many are false, they still fuel nightmares from time to time. Imagine it- you wake up to wood surrounding you on all sides, your limbs are folded. After you realize this isn’t a nightmare, it doesn’t take you long to realize that you have been buried alive. Sounds like the opening scene from a horror movie, doesn’t it?
There have been many alleged cases of this- however one that the internet has been uprooting is the story of Essie Dunbar. Essie had been declared medically dead of an epileptic seizure in 1915. Essie’s sister had been out of town, which caused the doctors to delay her funeral until the next day, thus providing her sister the time to return to town for the funeral. However, her sister was delayed in her return, and the funeral carried on without her. Once her sister arrived, Essie bolted up, pushing her coffin open, and smiled to everyone, slightly confused.
While Essie’s story may or may not be true, it does make a good example… an example of what, exactly? An example of how you’ll feel when you discover the combination of and! It’s understandable if you feel buried alive under all the outrageously high prices out there, however once you use and in a combination, you’ll feel as if you’re Essie and we are Essie’s sister! offers reasonable prices for nearly anything at all, and offers coupons for a wide variety of stores. If you want to have your coffin opened, click this link to go to coupon codes. If you like having this burden lifted, why not check out the rest of the promo codes.

A Shocking Revelation

Have you ever debated getting rid of your printer? They’re often less bang for more buck. However, maybe a printer is necessary for you, for whichever reason, so you have to face the outrageous prices thrown in your face. This reality caused me to do some research, and it lead me down an interesting path…
I was casually reading up on printers when I read that printer ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet. Reasonably, I was skeptical. Thus, my first act was to find what the most expensive liquid is, without mentioning ink. Everywhere was telling me the answer was scorpion venom. With that solved, I could have easily moved on… but I didn’t.
For some unknown reason, I kept digging. While I was researching, multiple places stated that ink was more expensive than liquid gold. Understandably, I wasn’t buying this one, either. However, instead of listening to other peoples’ observations, I decided to check for myself. I searched through and found an average of $57 Canadian dollars for a 4 oz. bottle of actual liquid gold. Then I searched for an average price of black printer ink, nothing fancy. My average was $57 Canadian dollars for this, as well, but wait, that price was only for 2 oz. of blank ink. You’re reading that right, actual liquid gold is half the price of plain black ink.
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Sea Monkeys!

Many people grew up raising Sea Monkeys. They were a simple pet to take care of, and they were pleasant for the parents, as they don’t make noise, stink or take up much space, and children love to care for them. Apparently, these childhood pets have their own holiday, and not without reason!
Most of us have raised these shrimp, however even now, the vast majority know very little for these creatures. For example, did you know that Sea Monkeys actually breathe through their feet? It’s common for other living species to breathe differently than mammals; however it’s still interesting to think about. As well, did you know that Sea Monkeys are attracted to light? Yes, if you were to put a light by the side of their tank, they’d naturally swim towards it!
While getting Sea Monkeys may not be an option you fancy, why not browse through and find a pet option that works for you? For example, you could go on this page, bestvetcare coupons and healthypets coupon codes find a pet option that does work for you. There might even be a seamonkey with ornamentshop coupon codes. And if you don’t have a https pet, why not just look through coupons for all the promo codes you could need?

Chocolate Chip Day!

Chocolate chips are undoubtedly adored by many; however, just how adored are these tiny chocolate delights? Well, it must be enough to earn them a holiday! That’s right, today is Chocolate Chip Day! The perfect day to learn some baking history surrounding chocolate chips, learn some fun facts, and of course, enjoy their delicious taste.
Did you know that chocolate chips were invented in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield? They became popular when she cut pieces of chocolate into her cookies. The amount of time it took someone to do this and popularize it is quite interesting, seeing as the modern chocolate bar was created in 1847. As well, did you know how chocolate chips hold their shape, even after being baked to the point they should have melted? They are actually made with much less cocoa butter than other chocolates, which is actually what melts in chocolate, allowing them to hold their shape better than most other chocolates.
Do you want to celebrate Chocolate Chip Day, but don’t know how? Well chocolate chip cookies are a great way to celebrate; they are what lead to the chocolate chip’s creation in the first place, after all! However, maybe you need some new bakeware in order to do this? Well, why not follow this link,, to a list of excellent coupons for, where you can buy all the bakeware you need!
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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and celebrate, but be sure to return tomorrow for new festivities!

Happy Dance Like a Chicken Day!

Yes, you read the title right! It’s Dance like a Chicken Day! I know it may sound a little immature and ridiculous, but what’s the harm? A little goofing around is good for the soul, every once in a while. Why don’t we delve a tad deeper into this wacky holiday?
The whole objective of this holiday is to motivate people of all ages to simply dance like a chicken! A large inspiration for this holiday was the famed Chicken Dance song, originally written by Werner Thomas in 1950. The Chicken Dance is a popular dance performed at practically any get-together; however is often more suited for informal events, like dances. An excellent advantage to the Chicken Dance is that anyone can do it, leaving no one out!
So how can you celebrate this quirky holiday? It’s easy! Put on the Chicken Dance song and dance your heart out!
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A Collaboration of Savings

In the past, it was that only females wore jewelry, recently, however, it has become common and acceptable for any gender identity to express themselves by wearing metals, gems, and jewels. Everyone has unique tastes and opinions on which jewelry they like, but that only adds to the originality of the human race.
It’s known that prices rise with the popularity of items; however you can combat this issue! and both offer exceptional deals at all times. To illustrate, take a look through at sells high quality jewelry for all genders while maintaining a reliable price, keeping the site relevant and inexpensive, however, why settle for the minimum? You can take advantage of the collaboration between and by using coupon codes off, like this one, for all your purchases.
Guilt free shopping is now a reality. Pursuing your passions and expressing yourself used to mean sacrificing your wallet, but sacrifice no more! Unaffordable prices no longer need to affect your shopping choices, so go on and shop your heart out!