Derma Roller Treatment Guide

DermarollerDerma Roller Treatment Guide

Derma roller treatment is used for treating hair loss, stretch marks, anti-aging and acne scars.  The promise of this type of treatment is flawless skin.  So let’s take a closer look at derma roller treatment to see what it is all about, including its side effects and benefits.

What is derma roller treatment?

Hundreds of micro needles are on the roller’s surface.  This treatment involves using the roller to stimulate the skin’s surface.  The roller is rolled up and down all areas of the skin on the affected area such as the face.  The needles form many microscopic injuries on one’s skin.  The skin begins to produce excess collagen to heal the injuries.  So in some respects it is method for increasing collagen production artificially in the skin. 

The result of this excess collagen is that the skin looks plumped up automatically in the affected area.  That helps to fill up scars and erase fine lines.

In addition, the needle’s poking action helps to improve the skin’s blood circulation.  This causes the skin to glow.  This treatment also results in the pores of the skin opening up in order to make it even more receptive to whatever product you apply to it.

How is the roller used?

There are hundreds of needles on the surface of the roller.  The needles are available in varying thickness, so you can choose what size you want when purchasing a roller.  The needle sizes are 1.5mm, 1.0mm or 0.5mm.

As a mild anti-aging treatment or for thinning hair, mild chicken pox cars or light acne scars the 0.5 mm size is recommended.

You can use 1.0 mm needles for stretch marks, cellulite, surgery scars and deep acne scars.

A 1.5 mm needle can be used for severe cellulite cases and very deep scars.  Needle sizes of 2.5mm and 2.0mm are used by professionals.  However, usually treatment is performed with topical anesthesia.

You just need to choose the needle size suitable for your requirements and then move the roller over the affected area using an up and down motion.

Only apply as much pressure as is required, since if you end up pressing too hard it can be very painful.  Also, if too much pressure is applied, it will take longer for your skin to heel.

The skin does need some time to heal, so the treatment should be used no more than one or two times per week.

How efficient is the treatment?

Abroad, derma rollers have received rave reviews.  In India, they are starting to make a slow entrance.  There are many different brand names that are available.  Before you buy a derma roller, you should read reviews on several different brands first. You should also consider the dermaroller treatment cost

It is well-known that derma rollers do cause some pain.  However, feedback over its benefits have been positive- whether it is for filling cellulite marks up or clearing up acne marks.  It can take a couple of weeks for results to appear.

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