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Lifestyles of the not so rich and famous, but close enough to it.

How does one describe a sought out lifestyle? Would this the part of the rich and famous or would it rather be the not so rich and famous? Many do not think of what type of lifestyle they live on a daily basis. Some individuals live the solemn and quit lifestyle while others prefer the higher lifestyle of closer to the rich and famous. Some are in the middle.
Each of us were created differently than the person sitting next to us. That is a fact of life. How we live our life is up to each of us individually. Take the more relaxed life for example. This lifestyle is very relaxing. Stress is not a main factor for most. We have to remember that it doesn’t happen over night to enter this lifestyle. It is by the choices we make in our everyday life that take us the lifestyle we would like to endure on daily basis. The relaxed lifestyle would include prioritizing to the minimum in our everyday life. Learning to do with little as possible. Making sure we live on a easy budget with no overhead lurking around the corner. Coupons can help with your needs on a budget as well. Take a look at for some money saving deals. These few things can slowly progress the relaxed lifestyle. We invite you to check back with more blog posts in the future.


Getting for her is easy, right? Jewelry, candy, a gift certificate to her favorite spa or nail salon; and the list goes on! Shopping for him can be a bit more challenging. A boat, a race car, a snowmobile…probably not! But there is a solution! If the “him” in your life is a hunter, camper, or fisherman, is the place to shop, and it won’t break the bank, and check our coupon codes! 

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Savings and Coupons on Expression!

It used to be that jewelry was only for females, but now, it is becoming more and more acceptable for all gender identities to wear these gems. While there’s tons of different jewelry styles, there are some more popular than others. You see, self-expression comes in all forms. This means male jewelry is becoming more popular each day, and as popularity rises, so does the price. However, this does not have to be the case. and are both here to cheapen the cost of your self-expression, for example, has this promo code at the moment for 10% off.
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Some tips to Save Money Online

How to Save Money Online

We all know the struggle of wanting to save money but also wanting to buy everything in the store. You know it’s important to save money but sometimes you just can’t fit it into the budget, that is why knowing how to save money online is a great thing to learn and really embrace. 
First of all you will want to create accounts on popular websites that run constant promotions.

If you stay alert and receive the emails alerting you of deals that are active you can be the first to snag a deal. Be careful though, you don’t want to get carried away by buying everything that boasts a good price. 
Another secret to saving money online is by using the online coupons that are often readily available. Keep your eyes open when they come across and never miss a chance to use a coupon on something you were going to buy anyway!

Fly A Kite Day

So it’s fly a kite day, and when you think about flying kites, do you automatically start to hear the Mary Poppins song in your head? If you don’t then it’s clear you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying that lovely movie, or the remake! Seriously, take the time to see the original…

Banggood Kites

Banggood has over 50 kites for you to choose from. You’ll love the colors and designs. They are to fly for.

And really are drones not just a modern day kite? They have those too.

Check coupons or coupons in the UK or coupons if your in the land of the long white cloud and your interested Mary Poppins as a book or movie.

Ballet Day

The 7th of February is Ballet Day!

Life can be a Ballet, dancing around from event to event, task to task. Take a moment to soak in ballet day, if you like to dance, perhaps it’s time for some new ballet shoes, or if you like to watch then just some tickets to the latest ballet playing in your town or city.

If you have never been, you should give it a go, book a ticket on Ballet Day. Check out coupons, viator coupons. You could also see if any voucher codes match up. Viator have a lot of really up close and personal ballet events, including dinner with dancers, shows and more.

Thesaurus Day

Today, Jan 18th is Thesaurus Day, which inspired me to think that is another word for Savings!

Because I am thinking that is another word for Savings, here are some hot deals for today.

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4 Pilot Courses That You Should Never Miss

Countless number of people around the globe holds some kind of aviation certificate which might make you wonder, what are they doing with their certificates? Well, some fly just because they find it amusing, some are travel enthusiasts and want to travel in the airplane to witness some great views and rest fly professionally as an airline pilot or a cargo pilot.

Most people don’t have basic knowledge about the pilot certifications and they think all the pilots have the same qualification. To provide precise information, we have compiled a list of the mandatory pilot certifications available at the present time.

Student Pilot License (SPL)

If an individual is flying with a trainer, he doesn’t need any license but at some point for testing purpose, the trainer will get out of the plane and you need to fly alone as a pilot-in-command. Before flying an airplane as an in-command pilot, an individual must own the student pilot license.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Private pilot license (PPL) is the most basic kind of aviator’s license and is mandatory for the individual if he’s flying with passengers with him in the aircraft. The requirements for this license are simple; the individual must clear a written exam with a minimum result of 70%, must be proficient in the respective language in terms of reading, writing and speaking and must log at least 40 in-flight hours to earn this license.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

A commercial pilot license is required by individuals who want to pursue the field of flying as their career. After earning a commercial pilot license (CPL), an individual would be able to charge money for the services they offer. A commercial pilot can work as a cargo pilot, flight instructor, traffic pilot and in an airline as a co-pilot or a first officer.

Overall, there is no difference between the coaching of private pilot certificate and commercial pilot certificate as most flight schools use the same aircraft for both trainings. The only major difference between the two is that in commercial flight training, the applicant must complete 10 hours of flight time in a high performance aircraft and the rest of the hours (250 in total as compared to PPL’s 40) can be completed in the regular four-seater aircraft.

Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

The airline transport pilot license (ATPL) is the most advanced aviator certification a private individual can obtain. It is a mandatory requirement for all the pilot applicants by all the airlines around the world. Earning an airline transport pilot certificate isn’t a piece of cake and requires constant hard work and dedication as an  individual has to log at least 1,500 in-flight hours in different kind of conditions.

Bottom Line

All the certificates defined above are awarded by the respective aviation authorities of different countries after completion of commercial flight training. These certificates not only endorse the aviator’s experience and knowledge of the field but also indicate multiple factors like which type of aircraft the individual can fly, how many hours he can fly and so on.  Check out the packages section of their website to save you money.

Fun Bike Safety For Kids and Moms

Outdoor Safety

Kids should take advantage of the warmer months to be active outdoors. Riding tricycles and bikes is as much a part of summer as ice cream and running through the sprinkler. It’s our responsibility as parents to protect our children from unnecessary injury.

Biking is a fun sport and family activity but it can be risky without a safety helmet, particularly for children under three years of age. Babies are born with soft skulls to facilitate the birth process and allow their brains to grow, but this means their heads are especially susceptible to harm. The “soft spot” usually disappears around 2 years of age but children can still sustain a head injury even from a relatively minor fall if they are not wearing a proper safety helmet. I encourage parents to keep this in mind: if you dropped a ripe melon on concrete from 2 feet off the ground, what would happen? Of course, the melon would break open and the risk to children is equally great if they are not wearing a helmet. In Australia, helmet use is mandatory for all ages including children riding a tricycle or children in a bike carrier or “Chariot” pulled by a bike.

Please make sure your child’s bike and safety helmet are the right size. A child must be able to straddle the bike with both feet on the ground. The fit of the safety helmet is incredibly important. Parents often complain it’s difficult to find helmets for kids 3 years of age and under and it’s true because big box stores often do not sell the small sizes but specialty bike stores generally carry a good selection of toddler helmets. When choosing a helmet, your child should try on several helmets carefully. Level the helmet over your child’s forehead and adjust the chinstrap to fit snugly and comfortably. It should protect the forehead without slipping forward or backward and it should not move unless the scalp moves. A trained salesperson will help you ensure the fit is right. Today, there are several manufacturers producing helmets that are adjustable in size, enabling it to grow with your child and still provide a comfortable and proper fit.

Insist your child always wears a helmet when riding and that he or she buckles it up. It goes without saying that parents must set an example by always wearing their helmets when cycling as well. Remember, a helmet only works when you wear it!

Karyn Climans
Creator of Tail Wags Helmet Covers