Autumn Woolies!


Summer is officially over and it is now time for us to start getting ready for the chilly wet weather that is coming our way. Although this year we had a disappointing summer, we can still all admit that we did see a few days of the beautiful sun and if you live in the south you definitely got a lot more sun than the rest of us. Although the sun has finally gone away and those dark gloomy clouds are back, so it is now time for us all to pack away all of our summer gear for another year and break out all of our autumn/winter gear!

With the arrival of autumn it is finally time we all start shopping for our big winter woollies and cosy jackets and boots. I must admit that I hate shopping for my autumn/winter clothing in the summer because I like to keep the hope alive for the summer to be long lasting and beautifully hot (even though it never is). But now it is time we all give up hope and figure out what the newest trends are for the autumn of 2015.

Although I hate shopping for my winter wardrobe I must admit that I do love shopping for big, cosy, fluffy, woolly jumpers! When the sun disappears the only thing that keeps me happy are my woolly jumpers. They are my most favourite piece of clothing to wear and the only reason why I look forward to autumn/winter.

There are so many great things that I love about knitwear and jumpers but I cannot ramble on about them all (I would if I could) so I’ll just narrow it down to a few key points.

They are oh so cosy! – The thought of the warmth and cosiness of my woolly jumper’s make my autumn/winter days complete! As soon as I roll myself out of bed at 7am, the only thing that is getting me to work is the thought that I will be wearing one of my beautifully soft and warm pieces of knitwear.

Fashionable forever! – Another great thing about knitwear and jumpers in particular is that if they are in good condition they will last you a lifetime! The fashion rule of woolly jumpers and knitwear is very simple really, as long as they are big and cosy then there is no need to throw them out!

Christmas jumpers!!! – I know some of you out there might think I have completely lost it to factor Christmas jumpers as a key point to why jumpers and knitwear are so amazing but just let me explain myself. The reason why Christmas jumpers are my great and final point is because I love them! Christmas jumpers are just so uplifting and make everyone happy during all the cold winter days that December brings, which is why I think they are so great. As soon as December comes, I get out every single Christmas jumper I own ready for my own personal countdown to Christmas.

However, shopping for great and fashionable knitwear can be deemed as a daunting task for many people out there so I thought I would put my talents to some use and picked out a few great knitwear pieces that I found from an amazing online retailer called La Vida Boutique.


Out of all three pieces I must say the Derphy Gonzague Oriental Floral Print Jumper has got to be my favourite as there is so much subtle chic involved with this jumper that will carry you through many autumn and winter seasons. Also if you are looking for something a bit more bright for all those dull cold days that are heading our way then this beautiful jumper is the perfect pick me up for you!

La Vida’s Derphy range holds some great pieces of knitwear, which is clear by their jumper I just mentioned but also their Black Derphy Incantation Jacket which acts as a sort of coatigan which are highly in fashion this year! Although if you are looking for something a bit less edgy then La Vida’s Knitted Ribbed Waterfall Cardigan in such a beautiful shade of green will add the perfect amount of colour to any outfit you wear this winter!

You can find all of these great pieces and more on their website: