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Ferris Wheel Day

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The 14th of Feb is Ferris Wheel Day.

Today you can get high… On a ferris wheel and not feel guilty.

Take in the view, most of the world’s great cities now have an “eye” or to the older person like me, ferris wheel. It’s a great vantage point to take in the sights of the city, enabling you to see all the sights, even get an idea of the layout of the city to help you get around.

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Ballet Day

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The 7th of February is Ballet Day!

Life can be a Ballet, dancing around from event to event, task to task. Take a moment to soak in ballet day, if you like to dance, perhaps it’s time for some new ballet shoes, or if you like to watch then just some tickets to the latest ballet playing in your town or city.

If you have never been, you should give it a go, book a ticket on Ballet Day. Check out coupons, viator coupons. You could also see if any voucher codes match up. Viator have a lot of really up close and personal ballet events, including dinner with dancers, shows and more.

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Traveling to Venice

Top Attractions in Venice to Make Your Trip Memorable

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With palaces, cathedrals, museums, bazaars and gondola rides, Venice has plenty of attractions to see and enjoy. Here are some you should not miss.

St. Mark’s Basilica, or Basilica di San Marco, is one of the most beautiful churches anywhere. With its big domes, marble pillars and sparkling mosaics on the walls, it is truly splendid to see. There is no fee to tour but the small museums inside have an entry fee. Do not miss the golden altarpiece with thousands of precious gems that houses the body of St. Mark.

The Palazzo Ducale was the residence of the Doge of Venice in the 9th century. The building was the seat of the government of the Venetian Republic for almost 700 years. The palace is truly Gothic, housing a torture chamber and prison. Walk up the stairs to view the 18 lions that decorate the Doge’s rooms.

The Rialto market has been operating for hundreds of years. The food available is a sampling of the culture of Venice. It is primarily a fish market, offering crab, squid and octopus but fresh fruits and vegetables are also sold there. Most of the population of Venice shops there, from ordinary citizens to restaurant owners.

If you like art museums, you won’t want to miss the Peggy Guggenheim Collection at her home, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. It is a broad collection of 20th century art which includes works of cubism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, futurism and metaphysical painting. There you will see masterpieces from Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst, Klee, Salvador Dalí, Picasso and more.

To really take in the character of Venice, you must ride a gondola. Prices are set by the city and leave from almost all the docks. The price may seem expensive, but it is a fixed price for the gondola, not per person. Although a lot of people want to see the Grand Canal, as if often part of any gondola ride, the smaller waterways will give you a better feel for the neighborhoods and the history of Venice. Keep in mind gondola rides are cheaper during the day and a gondola holds six people.

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Rving with Pets

Travel is Best with Your Pet

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A pet is definitely part of the family. Sometimes travel can be hard without your pet and usually traumatizing to the animal. You have to find someone to care for them while your away or even spend more money to board them. Boarding them is stressful and hard on both the pet and the owner. When we plan a family vacation, we have to remember that pets are part of that family vacation and can make a wonderful travel companions. One of the easiest ways to travel with your furry family member would be in an RV. Traveling in a RV with your pet can be rewarding for everyone. With the comfort brought from home, the RV can be less stressful for your happy animal.

To make the trip rewarding and enjoyable for everyone in the family, there are always things to remember while traveling in the RV. Before travel begins, make sure your pet if fully vaccinated in case your pet runs into any unforeseen circumstances. Always use a flea and tick repellent to avoid any creepy crawlers getting into your RV or hurting your pet. Crating or using a travel cage would be a necessity to keep the pet safe inside the RV while its in motion. Crating is also safe when you need to go somewhere your pet is not able to. This would keep the pet safe inside the RV while you are away for a moment. A lead to tie the pet outside when your at your destination is also key to have. There are items that you must bring with you to make sure your pet feels like they are home. Bring food, water bowls, toys and if needed a litter box. Last but not least a pet bed so the furry family member can have a cozy spot to sleep on.

So in conclusion, when your using an RV, there are no excuses to not to be able to bring the biggest member of the family. There will be an endless amount of enjoyment for everyone. There are safe ways to travel with your pet and remembering some key things while at your destination will keep your pet happy. The comforts of home, family and a good old fun time, will prevent your pet from being traumatized.

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TIps on Handbags sizes for airlines

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When it comes to air travel, there are three basic kinds of bags. There is the checked baggage, the carry-on and the personal item. The checked baggage doesn’t have any specific size limitations, although some airlines charge to have any checked bags while other airlines charge if the bag is over a certain weight. Different airlines have different requirements regarding this. International and domestic flights often have different requirements, plus some smaller domestic flights might require the majority of bags to be checked. Regardless of this though, understanding the carry on and personal item measurements is very important.

Carry On Bag
The carry on bag is the bag that typically is around the size size for most airlines, although smaller connecting flights might require these to be checked prior to boarding. For these smaller flights, the bag can typically be checked at the gate. The general size requirement is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. Some airlines might have a slight change in size requirements but for the most part, this is the typical size of a carry-on (these specifics are taken from United Airlines and Delta Airlines, so other, international airlines might have some different requirements).

Personal Item

Handbags, purses, laptops and backpacks fall under this category. The maximum dimensions for such an item sits around 9 inches by 10 inches by 17 inches. It is important to understand these bags are not to be placed above the seat if someone has already stored their carry on bag. The personal item is listed to be smaller because it needs to fit under the seat. There is extremely limited storage above seats, so if everyone placed both of their items above their seats there would not be enough room for all of the baggage.

Beyond the carry on and personal item bag, there are several items that do not count towards the baggage allotment. This includes a pet carrier, jackets or umbrellas, diaper bag, an assistive device (like a collapsible wheelchair or medical devices), FAA child restraint seat and reading material. Musical instruments can also be included as a carry-on as long as there is room.

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