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Toy Soldier Day

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If your anything like me, you’ve seen about a million toy soldiers in your time, but currently own none. Toy story had a great rendition of exactly how I saw toy soldiers when I was young. Little green plastic men. Thousands of them must be lost in back yard jungles across the world right now.

Playmobil from Argos

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Random Act of Kindness Day

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All too often we forget the power of a smile, or kind word, or listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn someone’s day into an awesome day.

So today on Random Act of Kindness day, do something for you and someone else, make the world a better place. Offer someone a seat on the train, just smile and wave, do as many small acts of kindness as you have in you.

When your done, perhaps reward yourself with a small gift with maybe a Gift Basket Shack coupon or pass it to a loved one with a coupon or even a Sweet Tooth coupon code.

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Fly A Kite Day

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So it’s fly a kite day, and when you think about flying kites, do you automatically start to hear the Mary Poppins song in your head? If you don’t then it’s clear you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying that lovely movie, or the remake! Seriously, take the time to see the original…

Banggood Kites

Banggood has over 50 kites for you to choose from. You’ll love the colors and designs. They are to fly for.

And really are drones not just a modern day kite? They have those too.

Check coupons or coupons in the UK or coupons if your in the land of the long white cloud and your interested Mary Poppins as a book or movie.

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Library Lovers’ Month

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February is library lovers month.

I do love a good book, I seldom get the time to read one, perhaps that’s my fault as I’m always looking for the next set of bargains to save you money.

Over the break I did manage to read a book from the local bookstore. Which surprisingly for me was not on sale!

As it’s also a Valentines month, check out some books in French, the language of love with our coupons.

Highlights coupons might help you get some puzzle and activity books for a good price also.

Book Depository looks pretty interesting with books on investing, self help, fiction and non fiction. Kids and Adults alike. Check out Book Depository coupon codes to see what you can find.

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Play the piano in 60 seconds- Free trial!

pebble-backgroundIs your child frustrated with piano lessons?
Do you spend hundreds on lessons only for them to quit in 4 months?
Stop learning and start playing with IVOREEZ.
It’s “Guitar Hero” meets “Chord Buddy” and gets you playing in 60 seconds.
Yes, just 60 seconds is all you need to play the piano without skill or lessons.
Playing is as simple as 3 steps:
1. Place colored Piano Decals on your keyboard. This replaces lessons.
2. Choose a popular song from over 700+ songs on the online database. Our sheet music isn’t music notation but colored song lyrics and replaces music knowledge.
3. Match colored piano decals with colored song lyrics and play in just 60 seconds.
It’s playing the fun, fast, easy & inexpensive way.

Try it in your home with our Play free trial. (No credit card needed).
Sign up as a fan for your free account and play free trial including sample decals, songs & video tutorials. Join the music revolution and play in 60 seconds.


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Go Green And Save In Reusing Newspaper You Have Kept At Home

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Go Green And Save In Reusing Newspaper You Have Kept At Home

Newspaper has never been a waste since there are so many things you can do with the use of old newspapers. We normally received a set of current newspaper delivered at home. Due that everyone is aiming to practice saving the environment and go green, there are so many creative ideas you can do out stocked newspapers you have at home. Don’t throw your used newspapers. We can use them for a lot of things which you can actually see and appreciate that you will no longer need to spend more on buying stuffs and turning into an old newspaper will help you to save.

Comparing to cloth, newspapers cleans the glasses and windows far way better. Because it can absorb and attract dirt, it is suitable that you spray a bit of water into the glasses where you will be wiping off. If you are looking for a lining to put on your cabinet before you will pile your clothes and things on, you can rely on the newspapers and it will help you to save than purchasing a shelf liner you can see on malls and shops. When you want to send a fragile object off or even keep glasses on the box, you can protect it while you wrap them with a newspaper. It is a best substitute to a bubble wrap when you don’t have at home. Wrapping them individually will protect fragile objects from breaking. You can use the excess ones as crumpled paper to divide each breakable material and serve as a cushion that will protect glasses from banging from each other.

If you are creative enough, you don’t need to buy your kids with their toys which are too expensive nowadays. Instead of having the plastic toys, you can play with your kids with an origami. Play with your creativity and form something out of plain piece of papers. You can also help them to exercise their minds so that they can create their own things out of the papers you had given them. In this way, you can bond with your children and be able to teach them so many things and vocabularies out of what you have formed in the newspapers. You can also introduce to them on how they can put and make a mosaic out of these old newspapers. They will surely enjoy this fun craft activity and will be able to wake their creativity in them.

There are so many things you can do out of an old newspaper. All you need to do is save and pile them. In the future, you will be able to realize the uses of these materials and save from spending your money out of purchasing things which actually an old newspaper can replace. You will be able to bond with your children as you teach them on how they will be able to form different things from the old stuffs and papers you have at home. When you are done having these, you can also use the trash as a fire starter to save from purchasing woods.

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Saving Your Energy Consumption And Save More From Paying Bills

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Saving Your Energy Consumption And Save More From Paying Bills

Energy is what keeps our appliances working at home. It is one of the useful things we are enjoying in the present. We know how important it is that we are using it in the right manner. Everything in this world is limited. We should preserve and conserve them whenever we get the chance to use it. Saving our resources is our obligations. Saving our energy will help you to share them and be able to save from paying high energy bill every month. There are so many ways that  we can do in order to save the environment from depletion and one of these is to conserve power and use only what you need.

If you are not using your appliances at home, you should put it off. Even you are putting it into sleep; it is still consuming energy which keeps your bill raising. Your incandescent bulb at home should be replaced by led and fluorescent lights. They are more efficient and cost saving type. When you are using your air conditioner at home, you can program its thermostat and lower it down when its winter or you can even put it all the time when the weather condition is favorable. Heating and cooling equipments have their own filter which makes the appliances more efficient. We should have to clean and vacuumed once every two weeks. This will help the motor to work less therefore you will be able to save from your electricity. If you can use your fan during winter, you don’t need much the air conditioner.

Your windows could be a portal of the rays of the sun. You can reduce the heat coming in with the use of blinds, screens and shed of leaves coming from the trees. You can still remove it during winter whenever you need the help of the sunlight to mediate the extreme cold temperature brought about by winter season. Have your roofing insulation since it able to absorb heat and cold temperature coming from the external of your home. Make use of the sunlight and refrain the use of your clothes dryer. Sun are more effective in drying your clothes and be able to help you from paying high rate of power monthly. You can hang it along your window. Refrigerator is one of the appliances that consume much power. If you have a refrigerator which is seldom used at home, you can turn them off and unplug from the socket. Old appliances are inefficient and consume a lot of power than the new ones.

Saving is not only for our pocket. We should also save for the sake of others. When we do the necessary things to be able to conserve our resources especially our environment, you can do a lot and able to help others to know it when they are having a problem in paying their monthly electrical bill. We can do always do and have a remedy to lessen our expenses. All we need is to read more tips and execute it at home and in your office.

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A legacy of Equestrian excellence

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Enriched with the Spanish heritage of Valverde Del Camino, The Spanish Boot Company provides authentic equestrian footwear to the British countryside alliance. Inspired by the illustrious Spanish town and its production of Vaquero-style leather boots, the company promises a decade’s worth of authentic quality, made-to-measure service and an enthralling cultural framework.

Located on the ancient routes of the province of Huelva, Spain, Valverde Del Camino is a thriving town reputable for it’s refined leather goods and furniture industry. The small town became known for its craftsmanship from as early as the fourteenth century and because of its innovative inhabitants, it grew rapidly in wealth and trade. After British miners brought industrial production expertise to Valverde in the late 19th century, the workers were equipped with the technical skills and knowledge needed to drive the towns business into becoming the largest producer of footwear in Andalucía.

Established in 2002, The Spanish Boot Company began its journey after Proprietor and Founder Emma Snailham finished a summer working in a Portuguese stable yard in the Algarve. The enthused rider memorably sported a pair of locally sourced Spanish riding boots and subsequently an array of complimentary British clients indicated their interest in the footwear – igniting an idea to which Emma originated her venture. Following a homeward bound detour to the historical town of Valverde Del Camino, Emma liaised with a local factory and sourced the product to the UK.

The Spanish Boot Company envisioned bringing genuine Spanish goods to the British market for affordable prices, stocking ladies, men’s and children’s country attire and accessories. Offering multiple collections from partner brands, the unique designs are lavishly handcrafted using luxurious, comfortable and durable fabrics such as cashmere, leather and tweed. With an infectiously uplifting, entrepreneurial spirit, Emma expresses through her blog a determination for expanding the business; stocking a larger variety of styles as well as new products and potential partners. Currently the online shop boasts a diverse collection of footwear and clothing – from the original riding boots to espadrilles and Polainas (half chaps) to Ladies ponchos, knitted cardigans and multi-way scarves.

Striving to construct a retail environment that is both functional and fashionable through her product range, Emma stocks best selling pieces from classic brands Grace & Lace and Liberty Freedom, which add an eccentric uniqueness to the collection. The philanthropically inspired Grace & Lace offer eclectic printed ponchos, floral fringed scarves and loosely woven knits, exuding bohemian ambiance. Liberty Freedom on the other hand, describes itself as the ‘anti-thesis to crass clothes on the high street’ promoting an oxymoronic collaboration of stately tailoring and urban punk. Both brands harness a rare and intriguing desirability that encapsulates The Spanish Boot Company’s authentic aesthetic, forming an inspiring trio of collaborative brands.

With customer service notably enlisted as one of Emma’s top priorities for the business, her success is evidenced through the consistent positive feedback received from her clients and praised throughout the website. As well as demonstrating remarkably attentive hospitality, the company offers a personalised made-to-measure service that allows each customer to tailor their chosen boots to their own dimensions, ensuring the quality and individuality of the product. The company also retail Boot Aftercare kits, prolonging the durability of their product whilst implementing a sense of brand lifestyle – a continuous journey through purchasing to wearing to then taking care of the product.

The Spanish Boot Company upholds a wholehearted endeavor to empower its audience to live an active, luxurious lifestyle through equestrianism – and other country sport – making it a viable retail choice for other enthusiasts to delve into. Experiential retail isn’t always about implementing new technologies and using advanced high tech gadgets to impress and engage an audience – sometimes all it needs is a powerful and inspiring back-story, taken from a real human experience.

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How E-Cigarettes Work

ecigHow E-Cigarettes Work

Popularity for e-cigarettes is higher than it has ever been before with there now being 2.6 million people in the UK using these alternatives to traditional tobacco filled cigarettes. E-cigarettes were regulated in 2013 in the UK and ever since the vapour craze has just been becoming more and more popular.

E-cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes or e-cigs, are an alternative method that people use to consume nicotine without needing tobacco. Manufacturers of these vaping systems often design them so that they look just like a normal cigarette but without the tobacco and an LED light at the end so that users can receive the same experience as they would have if they smoked a usual cigarette.

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that convert liquid nicotine into vapour that users of the gadget can inhale, in the same way they would a traditional cigarette. There is no need for lighters, ash pots or horrible smoky smells with an e-cigarette, and that is only few of the great perks that come along with them. E-cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking traditional cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide and tar that come from burning the tobacco.

The make-up of an e-cigarette is very simple. There is a LED light on one end of the e-cig that lights up when it is in use and on the other end is a mouthpiece that collects and delivers the vapour. Beneath the mouthpiece there is a little cartridge that holds the liquid and when this is inserted into the e-cig, the cartridge filler connects with the atomizer’s bridge. From this contact that is being made the juice/liquid inside the e-cig is absorbed through the atomizer bridge into the atomizer’s steel mesh reservoir where it sits waiting for the user to inhale. Once the user starts inhaling a pulling action occurs causing the liquid from the atomizer’s reservoir which gets placed into the ceramic atomizer pot. This liquid is then absorbed by the aromatic polyimide wick and the coil within the device starts heating the liquid up until it becomes a vapour ready for users to inhale.

However some e-cigarettes work without the inhalation method and instead have a switch on the side of their device which they would press to activate the atomizer to vaporize the liquid which would already be in the ceramic pot.

The great thing that people love about e-cigarettes is that it gives you the same experience as you would receive with smoking a traditional cigarette but without the exposure to harmful illnesses that come along with smoking tobacco. Also you get a small hit of nicotine to feed your craving without becoming more addicted to smoking therefore you are able to bring yourself down from being so addicted to those tobacco filled killers in small intervals so your body will not go through as much of a shock as it would if you used other nicotine replacers such as gums or patches.

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Story contributed by CamRoc

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How to Buy Boots?

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A pair of right boots can be just the thing to complete your wardrobe in winter. How to choose a perfect one will be a big problem when there are so many styles. Here are some instructions will help.


  1. Knowing clearly about your purpose. You need to make up your mind on why you want a pair of boots, for daily basis or for hot date. That decision helps save a lot and avoids the situation that you purchase any unnecessary or expensive boots. If you’d like to wear a pair of boots in daily life, you may consider whether the boots are comfy, like whether it gets supple leather, solid soles and a firmly attached heal. While a pair of fashionable and sophisticated boots will be proper when you are about to wear them on a date. Dress up the right boots and complement your outfit makes you good looking.


  1. Preparing to try on lots of boots. You can know accurately your style after trying on kinds of boots, flat, high heel or knee high, lace up or buckle up. Some boots are not so pretty at first sight, but you would never know their potential beauty unless you put them on. Give them a chance before you give up.


  1. Taking a walk. If you want to know whether the boots are fit for you, wearing the boots and walking for several circles in the store. It gives you specific feelings of your foot in new boots. Any part of your foot that feels cramped at the first time will be aching after you’ve had the boots on for an hour or so. So take you time and enjoy shopping, don’t be hurry.


  1. Seeing the full effect. To save the uncertainty, you may view the boots with your outfits you want to dress up. That’s the time you decide whether the color or style complements your clothing. Seeing your outfit in a mirror, or asking your friends’ opinions, they will give you a good idea for reference.


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