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Dentist Day and White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

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March 6 is a day of two very different tales.

It’s Dentists day.

It’s White Chocolate Cheesecake day.

I’ll let you do the maths here.

While your doing the math, check out some coupon codes that could add up to some really cool savings.

And put your cake onto something nice with a Royal Albert coupon code!

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Drink Wine Day

Don’t get me started here. 18th of February is drink wine day. Like I needed an excuse?

Sourcing wine is an interesting thing, I do like to go in store to eyeball the bottles. Sometimes my selection is as much about the bottle as it is about the wine, which is interesting. If your looking online, check out our coupons or perhaps Wine Enthusiast coupon codes or even Serious Wine Racks

I need so much wine, I will need a rack to put it on. Check out these coupon codes. Rack it up for less. eWineRacks coupons may also help.

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Lost Penny Day

Loosing a penny is not really that big of a deal, unless it jams up your clothes dryer. Most people would not even stop to pick it up. However, at we’d rather you save pennies than loose them.

So for Lost Penny Day we wish you all the savings in the world.

You should spend some time at some of our favorite stores, hopefully saving yourself many pennies.

Save your pennies on chickens with our efowl coupon codes.

Our TideBuy coupons will help you save, they have a stack of products, it’s like looking for a lost penny, but the gold you can find in the stack of pennys is amazing.

And last for our pennies list, but certainly not least, check us for a Blank NYC coupon.

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Pizza Day

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OMG it’s Pizza Day, your time to take your pizza eating to the next level! A whole day – 24 happy hours – to celebrate that yummy carb that almost no one can do without! I think I might plan to try to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Tasty Looking Pizza From Pizza Hut

How about for breakfast, a bacon and egg pizza. All the breakfast goodness in one place, baked to perfection.

Then for lunch maybe something with a bit of kick, spicy salami, capsicum and some more spiced tomato sauce.

And dinner time maybe a pizza with vegetables. Broccoli, potato, pumpkin, perhaps some Feta. I am drooling just thinking about it.

If you can’t be bothered whipping up a masterpiece of your own, check out our Dominos coupons, papa johns coupon codes, uber eats coupons or pizza hut coupons to see what offers are on offer.

I just noticed Pizza down under at coupon codes or coupons too.

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New Years Resolutions

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Kick off the new year with a bang.

It’s time to act on those resolutions you made 2 weeks ago!
Here is my top ideas for nailing your resolutions while throwing in one you may not have thought of: Saving a few bucks.

Resolution 1: Travel More
Get out and see the world you said, well you should and there are some great deals going around, like some Viator Coupons for tours or some really great coupons for hotels. To get there let’s look at OneTravel coupons flight deals.

Resolution 2: Get Fit
Your going to want to gear up with some Nike fan gear with our EastBay Coupon Codes to help you get your run, jog, cycle or what ever on that you love to do to keep you fit.

Resolution 3: Learn some music
I really regret not learning some music when I was younger, I’d love to be able to sit around the campfire playing guitar or even just singing somewhat in tune with my family. So get cracking with some great Coupon Codes that have you playing in no time or even find a Coupon or a Teach Me Bass Guitar Coupon Code.

Resolution 4: Learn something new
I started off the year by reading Stephen Hawking’s last book, learning quite a lot about the future of the world and also what he thought the past might look like. I challenge myself to expand more, learn more and maybe take a few more risks this year in my career. I am going to be looking at some Book Depository Coupons for sure.

Resolution 5: Give something back
I just learned today about a cool site where they sell clothes, but give 10% back to charities, I can’t help but feel that this is a win – win situation so check out our coupon codes today.

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New Markdowns at nphilanthropy

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10% of net proceeds at nphilanthropy go to animal shelters and childrens hospitals, so you know your getting fashion that makes you look and feel good.

nphilanthropy has just added a bunch of new markdowns to their sale section. You can expect to see some great tank tops, memphis sweatshirts, some great tee shirts and so much more. Simply click the Sale link at the bottom of the main page to take advantage of some great markdowns.

Be sure to check by for the latest nphilanthropy coupons and sales.

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Save gas and cash with proper tire inflation

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Saving Gas Money.You may or may not know that one of the best ways to save at the pump is to make sure your tire psi is exactly where it should be.  With gas prices as they are, even a small percentage of difference in your miles per gallon (MPG) can lead to a difference you can see the next time you fuel up. 

In fact, when you keep your tires properly inflated, you can get up to 3.3 percent better gas mileage.  Think about what that would do with today’s gas prices.  If you were to receive 3.3 percent back every time you filled up at a gas station, how much would you save every trip?  What about every month?  Now tally that up to your savings for the year.  It doesn’t take long to see why using a good quality tire pressure gauge is one of the best ways to save a lot of money.

In terms of gasoline savings, consider it about $0.07 per gallon at the current average gas prices.  For every gallon, you’ll get 7 cents back. That’s a figure that adds up very quickly and should be considered free money.  Especially when all you need is a digital tire pressure gauge and some air to benefit from that savings.

Remember that you can’t necessarily tell if the air pressure tires hold is ideal unless you measure it with a gauge.  It’s not something you can tell just by looking at it from the outside.  Also, there are many different factors – including the temperature of the air outside – that can impact the inflation of a tire.  The impact is so great that for every 1 psi reduction in all four tires, you lose 0.3 percent in MPG. 

In order to make sure that you’re using the right tire air pressure, first find out what the ideal actually is.  This is usually located on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door jamb.  It may also be in the owner’s manual for the car.  Don’t use the maximum pressure on the sidewall of the tire as your guide as that is not the idea, it’s the maximum.

Next, use a good digital tire gauge to measure the pressure. Measure it before you drive your car, as tires that have been recently driven will read higher than ones that have been idle for a while.  You may be tempted to simply use the gauge at the gas station, or one of those promotional freebies that you’ve been handed at some point.  Those may not be as accurate as you think.  Since every 1 psi makes a difference, it’s worth your while to choose a gauge that will give you a very accurate reading.  Do this at least once per month, but twice per month is even better, particularly at times in which the weather is changing.

Once you have your reading, you can adjust the tire air pressure if needed and feel good in knowing that you’re saving money each time you fill up the gas tank.

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Change your lifestyle right know to have beautiful and shiny hair

hairModern life is so fast and unstable, so sometimes it is very hard to play by the rules. Everybody has some weaknesses: one smoke, another eats junk food, and so on. Unfortunately, all our bad habits have their aftermaths. First of all, thoughtless nutrition and living in a fast lane have negative effect on your nails and hair. To avoid horrible problems and major damage you should change your life immediately. Professionals at Nyc Hair Salon provide exclusive lifestyle guide on how to improve your way of living.

Tip #1 Don’t smoke

Yes, it is well-known fact that smoking has bad influence on your body and causes a lot of damage. Nevertheless, the number of smokers all around the world is striking. This bad habit makes your hair look weak and dull; moreover, every single cigarette makes hair loss and baldness more real for you in future. Last researches show smoking people have four times more likely to have grey hair, than non-smoking.  Think twice, before taking your next cigarette into the mouth.

Tip #2 Do exercises

It is one of the most important basic rules of healthy being not all of us follow. Simple exercises every morning or at least, several times a week will improve your blood stream all over the body, including your head. This process stimulates hair follicles for the growth of new, strong hair.

Tip #3 Avoid chemicals

Chemicals are waiting for you everywhere! Sulfate-containing shampoos, hard hairstyling products, extremely deep conditioners, dyes, and so on. Moreover, this threat can be present in your daily routine. If you visit pool more than three times a week, be ready for dry and thin hair. Chlorinated pool water is very harmful to your strands, so try to protect them if you are a swimming lover.

Now, you know three basic rules which meant for saving your life. Our Nyc Hair Salon team hopes you will stick to our pieces of advice and improve your lifestyle. Be healthy and have a long and joyful life.

Get more information for your hair here

Article supplied by: Nyc Hair Salon


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New Surf Taxi App

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Just got told about a cool new app called Surf Taxi, it is an app that can be used to hail taxis, it works much like Uber except it is meant to be cheaper at peak volume times when Uber is too expensive.  While Uber has been good for me, there was one time at the Staples center that it quoted $200 to get me back to my hotel after a Lakers game. This app gives you the ability to hail a taxi ride through your smart phone and track its progress. It also gives tradidional taxi companies a way to compete with the silicon valley startups like Uber.

Check out the Surf Taxi App


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10 Reasons Why You Need Laser Hair Removal

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10 Reasons Why You Need Laser Hair Removal

391_top10hairlossmyths_flashThere are a number of benefits of laser hair removal for men and we’re going to take a closer look in this piece.

Lower Overall Cost Compared To Other Hair Removal Methods

If you are concerned about the cost of waxing and other removal methods, you will be happy to know that laser hair removal at Pro Skin Clinic is much more cost effective.

Typically, most patients only require 4 to 6 treatments to address their hair growth problem. Once this has been achieved the rate of regrowth is minimal. The hair that does return is typically much less and lighter in color, making laser hair removal a very good investment.

Long Term Results Offer Convenience

After the initial treatment, many patients only require what is known as a top-up session which removes any of the unwanted hair that may come back. However, in many cases, the hair will never return. As to the number of initial sessions an individual will need will vary on the individual’s skin and needs.

Not Painful Like Waxing Or Threading

While a laser may sound painful it is only a quick snap to the skin, so it is not too painful. Compare that to someone pulling the hairs out of a sensitive area like the bikini line which is just a tad bit painful. You know that is a bold faced lie! Waxing the bikini area is a form of torture and we know but for some reason allow it to continue.

Wear What You Want

Have you ever gotten last minute plans and had to frantically shave your legs? Or had to worry about how you were going to sit or raise your arms because you had not shaved properly. This is definitely true with bikinis! You can wear that mini skirt or tiny bikini on the beach without having to reach for a razor.

More Confidence

We all know that looking our best is a surefire way to raise our confidence levels through the roof. That is hard to do if we are worried about stubble showing through while at work or play.

You Have More Time

It may be one of those things you never think of, but removing unwanted hair takes up a lot of time. No more waxing or shaving gives you time to learn that second language, cure cancer, or just play more Candy Crush.

Holidays Are A Lot More Fun

Laser hair removal is going to become your next best friend when you are away on a vacation. Although a little word of advice, always get your treatment done prior to exposing your skin to the sun.

Smooth Skin

Unlike razors, laser removal will leave your skin feeling soft and silky, giving it the most flattering of appearances.

Most Reliable Method

Laser hair removal is an absolute miracle for women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovary problems, and men plagued with hair backs. If the problem is a chronic one, treatments may go on for years without any real results. While laser hair removal gives quick and long lasting results.

Permanent Results

One needs to realize that results cannot be guaranteed as permanent. This is dependent on the patient and their overall response to treatment. However, many patients will never have the hair regrow after just a couple of treatments.

Article Provided By Pro Skin Clinic

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