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Today is Gorilla Suit Day

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Today is Gorilla Suit Day Way back in 1963, comic genius and Mad Magazine artist Don Martin created the idea of Gorilla Suit Day for a comic strip in which a character mocks the holiday and is then assaulted by gorillas and people in gorilla suits… Which inspires me to take a quick look at what suits are around for me to get all scrubbed up. Most days I’m lounging around in my casual clothes, let’s take a look at what’s available and more importantly, on sale. Suit

For the boys, you can check out our Indochino coupon codes, for those in the UK you better check our voucher codes, for the ladies we usually have some coupon codes. has a great range of tools to help you suit up with the best possible fit.

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Inane Answering Message Day

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Today is Inane Answering Message Day

Back in the old days, about 6 years ago answering messages gave us all a chance to unleash our inner DJ, with dulcet tones belting out such great phrases as the classic, “Sorry, Billy’s not here right now… please leave a message after the tone”.   Nowadays your phone provider just takes your name and sticks it into a generic message that’s half automatically generated, and slightly your voice and really the rest we’re not quite too sure.  I long for the days that people invented cool little ditties like “Hey what’s your number?  Sorry you can’t get through, etc etc”

While the answering machines themselves are now rare, and most likely on display in some museum of modern antiquities, the messages still live on.

Anyway, if your looking for a new phone, be sure to check out our list of possible coupon codes, protect your phone with some InCase coupon codes or AccessoryGeek coupon codes too.

BangGood have a great range of phones and phone accessories too.

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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

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I just found our it’s bubble wrap appreciation day, and just after I unpacked a garden hose covered in bubble wrap! It seems very therapeutic to pop those little suckers one at a time, or sometimes heaps at a time. Bubble wrap goes pop pop pop.

Bubble Wrap

You will find some bubble wrap at Dollar General, it’s pretty cheap for the amount of fun you’ll have popping those little suckers. Don’t forget to see if there are any Dollar General coupon codes at as well.

Enjoy the popping goodness!

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Fun At Work Day

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Fun At Work Day is all about enjoying yourself at work, perhaps dress up silly, partake in a bit of office-based mischief, or just crank the music up loud while you work! It’s up to you really, work like you want to work.

ThinkGeek Waffle Maker

You might like to shop for some great ThinkGeek gadgets to brighten up your work day. The Pokémon Poké Ball Waffle Maker is the perfect way to make fun at work day fun.

Or you could get your self dressed up like super mario with the super mario lounger, just the trick to brighten up the day for the whole office crew!

Don’t forget to check out if there are any ThinkGeek coupons on our site for the order too.

Maybe head over to BangGood and check out their gadgets like quadracopters, and much more to brighten up your day. BangGood coupons could be on our site too.

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Beer Can Appreciation Day

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I do love a great beer can, or bottle. One of my favorite things to do is sit somewhere with a view and then sit the can or bottle in front of the view so I can look out across it to the view and soak up even more relaxing vibe.

So let’s celebrate our beverage containers and soak up the most we can from this once a year event.

Crazy Shirts has heaps of Beer can styles, check out our Crazy Shirts coupons then head over to Crazy Shirts to get in on the action.

Gourmet Gift Baskets have round the world beer buckets you can get delivered that give you 12 different designs to get crazy about. Check in at our site for the latest Gourmet Gift Baskets coupon code or deal before you head over to their site.

While I was writing this, I found the Pongbot also. A robotic version of Beer pong, looks very fun! Check out the ThinkGeek coupons just for the fun of it too! ThinkGeek was the 73rd store we added to, still one of my favorite stores.

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It’s Pie Day!

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Everyone on the planet (well nearly everyone) loves pie, one of the greatest and most versatile foods known to all of mankind. No matter if you like it sweet, savory, filled with gravy or sauce or apples, pies come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Today we celebrate pie day!

Simply Lobsters Scallop Pie

First place to search for a Pie deal is Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, where they are giving free shipping at the moment, plus check our site for some nice tasty Savannah’s Candy Kitchen coupon codes.

Simply Lobsters have a good looking shrimp pie and scallop pie, could be worth a try on Pie Day, they also have a tasty looking Key Lime Pie. Check us to see if there is a Simply Lobsters coupon as well.

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Thesaurus Day

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Today, Jan 18th is Thesaurus Day, which inspired me to think that is another word for Savings!

Because I am thinking that is another word for Savings, here are some hot deals for today.

Zaful: 12% off at Zaful coupon code. Don’t forget they have free shipping over $49 and check the SALE section for already discounted items.

Destiny Jewellery: Running 10% off, check out our Destiny Jewellery coupon codes for more information.

Leatherman: Now running 25% Off Custom Shop Live on 1/18 Plus there is up to 75% Off Clearance Now Live on You should also drop onto to check for new Leatherman Coupon Codes just in case some of them might stack with these promotions.

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Bed, Bath and Linen Sales

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Some great end of year sales on homeware have kicked off with the big players clearing out their stock they built up for christmas.

Designers Guild: Up to 60% off right now and more discounts on their site also with our designers guild promotion codes.

Belk: End of season clearance with up to 85% off a range of goods. Check in here for Belk coupons also.

Kohls: Check in here for Kohls coupons on home category also.

Debenhams: Running some massive sales like up to 50% off furniture. Be sure to check our Debenhams coupons to see what else might be going on as well.

Marks and Spencer: Also running some massive sales like up to 60% off furniture. Be sure to check our Marks and Spencer coupons to see what else might be going on as well.

So if your looking to do some interior design work at your place, now is a great time with some beefy discounts being applied all over the internet.

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New Years Resolutions

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Kick off the new year with a bang.

It’s time to act on those resolutions you made 2 weeks ago!
Here is my top ideas for nailing your resolutions while throwing in one you may not have thought of: Saving a few bucks.

Resolution 1: Travel More
Get out and see the world you said, well you should and there are some great deals going around, like some Viator Coupons for tours or some really great coupons for hotels. To get there let’s look at OneTravel coupons flight deals.

Resolution 2: Get Fit
Your going to want to gear up with some Nike fan gear with our EastBay Coupon Codes to help you get your run, jog, cycle or what ever on that you love to do to keep you fit.

Resolution 3: Learn some music
I really regret not learning some music when I was younger, I’d love to be able to sit around the campfire playing guitar or even just singing somewhat in tune with my family. So get cracking with some great Coupon Codes that have you playing in no time or even find a Coupon or a Teach Me Bass Guitar Coupon Code.

Resolution 4: Learn something new
I started off the year by reading Stephen Hawking’s last book, learning quite a lot about the future of the world and also what he thought the past might look like. I challenge myself to expand more, learn more and maybe take a few more risks this year in my career. I am going to be looking at some Book Depository Coupons for sure.

Resolution 5: Give something back
I just learned today about a cool site where they sell clothes, but give 10% back to charities, I can’t help but feel that this is a win – win situation so check out our coupon codes today.

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New Markdowns at nphilanthropy

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10% of net proceeds at nphilanthropy go to animal shelters and childrens hospitals, so you know your getting fashion that makes you look and feel good.

nphilanthropy has just added a bunch of new markdowns to their sale section. You can expect to see some great tank tops, memphis sweatshirts, some great tee shirts and so much more. Simply click the Sale link at the bottom of the main page to take advantage of some great markdowns.

Be sure to check by for the latest nphilanthropy coupons and sales.

Yepp! Save more, live the savings at