Business ideas for couples in 2017

Business ideas for couples in 2017

As a couple, you can explore a whole world of possibilities and there isn’t a better way of being together than working together and putting your minds together to achieve the same goal. Here are some interesting Business ideas for 2017 that involve a combined effort recommended for a couple.

  1. Instagram Marketing:

Instagram has become a sensation among smart phone users. As a couple if you gain enough popularity then this business idea is just for you. As a couple once you’ve built up your popularity on Instagram, you are certain to get various offers from major brands and other relevant businesses so as to sell products or services that are related to the contents that you share on your page. Depending on the number of followers, you’re the boss and you can charge a handsome amount ranging in a couple of hundred dollars to over a couple of thousand dollars for every single post.

  1. Brewing your own beer:

This is certainly a unique idea and it’s interesting too. Brewing is no rocket science and apart from brewing a chapter in your love story, you can brew your own beer as well. With plenty of instructions and videos available online, you can master the art of brewing and add a twist of your own to your beer. Of course, there’s a certain amount of investment and considerable amount of risk but the benefits cannot be ignored.

  1. Niche Travel consultants:

A couple that travels together, stays together. Travel consulting is a really interesting idea and attracts plenty of travelers or couples looking out for a unique experience. There are couples that require a personalized travel sojourn and they are willing to shell out plenty of money for that. Niche travel consultants as a couple can work out the bride’s or the groom’s side of requests and plan the trips for their partners in a specialized way.

  1. Start a You tube channel:

Entertainment draws millions and its not a bad idea to start a youtube channel of your own. It’s free but demands plenty of creativity and the best part is that it comes with a fat pay cheque. The challenge is to create entertaining videos to increase your subscriptions. Depending on the popularity of your videos, you can generate massive income by all the ads that pop up while your videos are being played. It’s a known fact that youtubers who’ve achieved millions of subscriptions are earning millions of dollars every year. Now that’s something you can plan with your partner right?

  1. Fitness trainers:

Fitness is everything and if you’re fit enough, you can earn well. This certain business demands the right mix of charisma that should be blended well with a keen business mind. Most couples work as part-time personal trainers and are gaining physical fitness and financial health too. Depending on the success, you can make this a full-time profession with your partner.

Anything missing?

As like-minded couples, the world is your market place with a plentitude of opportunities. Depending on your mutual interests, it’s not too late to start off a venture of your own.

Here’s a wee-bit of free motivation from us:

There’s this 67+ year couple that have no kids and own a small teashop. Now you must be thinking, where’s the fun in that?

Well, This couple had a mutual goal and that was to earn enough to travel as many countries as possible. With a stern goal in mind and a saving of around 300 Rs per day, the couple has visited almost 24 countries. We hope you find similar goals and work out a healthy personal and professional relationship with your spouse.